HANÕI TAILOR was founded in early 2015 by two gentlemen- Tran Chien Binh, a veteran who has 15-year experience in PR and marketing industry in Vietnam and Nguyen Khanh Toan, an entrepreneur who had been in high-class shirting business for nearly 10 years.

The two men who met each other in a GYM’s rocker-room in Ha Noi, in a late winter afternoon in early 2015. Their nonsense talks about business, garment industry and gentlemen fashion soon after that became a serious topic when it was about how hard it was for Vietnamese men to buy “perfect fit” clothing. From that, a business idea just popped up. That is to  offer Vietnamese gentlemen nice dress shirts, made-to-measure, produced on high-standardized production line, and finally delivered to customer’s door in just 10 days with a strong brand statement: “PERFECT FIT GUARANTEED!”



Eight months later, HANÕI TAILOR was started up in Hanoi with its webshop at www.hanoitailor.com built on an advanced ecommerce technology platform and state of the art manufacturing. Custom fit, made-to-measure dress shirts being its specialty, the webshop gives gentlemen all-new way to buy nicely fitting dress shirts with emphasis “never before perfect fitting custom dress shirts are as easy and affordable”


The webshop allows a customer to select in a stock of more than 160 high-quality shirting fabrics, design the shirt himself, give his measures, place an order and wait for the custom fit shirt delivered to his door in just 10 days.